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I offer a mobile reflexology service in the Tadworth, Reigate and surrounding areas of Surrey. Call now on 07818655857 to find out more or book an appointment. Find me on Google+

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Encourage relaxation and reduce tension

It is estimated that 75% of diseases are stress-related. Reflexology encourages a state of relaxation so that the tension held in our muscles is released, thereby promoting healing.

Release toxins in the body

Toxins can come from what we eat and drink, the air around us and chemicals in our daily lives. A build up of these toxins in our bodies can have harmful effects. Reflexology encourages our bodies to relax and release the toxins that are held in our muscles and organs

Boost digestion and circulation

Reflexology encourages good circulation and encourages the digestive system to work at an optimum efficiency. This ensures that all of the cells in our body benefit from the efficient distribution of nourishment, and waste elimination

Bring about balance and well-being

Our bodies operate in a delicate balance and the pressures of a busy life can often upset this. As reflexology has an 'holistic' approach it promotes balance in all of the systems of the body through the reduction of the effects of stress

Carol's treatments are so relaxing and have really helped to reduce regular problems I've had. I sleep well and After a treatment I always feel recharged and rested, I would definitely recommend her – Tracy, Epsom